The Allemano Group, has more than 11 years of combined experience placing top Industrial salespeople with companies all across Canada. We understand the expectations, wants and needs of both our industrial clients and candidates. We are very familiar with industrial incentives, motivators, benefits, perks and compensation, including the tangibles and intangibles. This insight and information allows us to complement the recruiting process during the interview process, presentation and offer stages. This value ensures a positive experience for both the client and the candidate with the least amount of disruption or misunderstandings.

Michael Allemano

Michael Allemano, the founder of the Allemano Group, has extensive, wide-ranging experience in the industrial sales field both as a sales rep and as a recruiter. Having worked in business development, sales and sales management within the industrial sales and B2B industry, Michael has the unique knowledge and experience that ensures that The Allemano Group is able to provide value and service to every client. Firsthand experience has shown Michael how vital the right fit is between the employer and employee to ensure that the candidate is motivated, successful and committed to working with the company over the long-term.

Want to talk to Michael about how he can help your company find the best candidate for your open role? Contact him at michael@allemano.ca or 905-361-4908.

Nadia FedOrova
Recruitment Consultant

Nadia has more than 8 years of experience in industry sales and sales leadership. She has proven success with roles in business development, inside sales, account management and training & development within the B2B and IT fields. Having singlehandedly staffed sales teams (as an Inside Sales Manager), she understands the challenges that leaders often face when identifying, selecting, motivating, and retaining top sales talent. Through her competitive nature and consultative approach, she strives to build long-lasting relationships, working with both her clients and candidates as their trusted business partner to ensure success for all parties.


Want to talk to Nadia about how she help your organization find the best candidate for your open role? Contact her at nadia@allemano.ca or call 905-361-4907.

NationWide Offices
At Your Service

The Allemano Group is headquartered in Toronto, with offices located in major Canadian cities, to ensure that we are readily accessible for clients and candidates across Canada. With a proven track record, coupled with the availability of a vast pool of talent from across Canada and United States, we always find the right fit to meet each of our client’s specific needs.

A Green Company
Doing Our Part

The Allemano Group does not believe in waste, whether it be a waste of time, money or environmental resources. Recruitment companies are notorious for using large amounts of paper, but at The Allemano Group, we know that this is unnecessary. We use the latest tools in CRM and cloud technology to become virtually paperless.

The Right Candidate

We take pride in the work that we do for our customers. Please take a moment and read what they have to say about their experience with the Allemano Group. 

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