Jan 21 2012

The Allemano Group is excited to share the news that we are a virtually paperless recruitment agency.


In my last 4 years as a sales recruiter, I am ashamed to admit that I have used A LOT of paper. I would go through entire stacks of printer paper at least every other week.  In the recruiting business, it’s really hard not to.


Why? Well first off, it is the nature of our industry to print off resumes. Then, when we review them with candidates in person, we mark them up with comments and observations. That has all been done on paper.  Secondly, recruitment agencies have not embraced the available software and hardware technology on the market. For instance, previously, I was using a CRM that was only accessible on the desktop where the program was installed (no mobile device or remote cloud access).  This hindered my ability to go paperless.  When I set up this agency, I made the decision to avoid using dated technology and wasting paper.


How do we do this? The key was to outfit my company with Apple devices that would seamlessly sync (using the “cloud”) with one another. Apple’s iCloud is a truly wonderful technology.


The next step, was finding a CRM software platform that also worked in the “cloud” and that was Mac compatible. Maxhire and Hiredesk were cumbersome platforms that I had used in the past, which only worked on PC devices. I researched Bullhorn, and again discovered that it only worked on PCs. Finally, I found Jobscience and It is a forward thinking company, which offers cloud computing software compatible on all Apple desktop and mobile devices. As a bonus, rather than being a cumbersome recruitment platform, I find the interface to be as pleasant to navigate as my Facebook account.


Now I had to bring all of these pieces together in an efficient way. This is where the magic happens. In addition to my iPhone, I purchased an iMac and an iPad. With the ability to now access my CRM on my iPad, I am able to bring up a candidate’s resume on the tablet device when they come in to my office for an interview. During the interview, I can follow along on another iPad or on my iMac (or, for argument sake, my iPhone), entering notes as I go along, directly into the CRM. This process is accessible from any mobile device anywhere in the world! This also eliminates a step; having to later transfer notes written on a resume into a CRM.


The result: goodbye paper, welcome to the future! In fact, if you come by my office, you will notice that I don’t even own a printer. At last check, the only thing in my office that is made from paper are my business cards!


I have requested that my vendors email me their monthly statements. I am also able to generate invoices for my clients on SalesForce and email them out.


Yes, I had to buy the iPads, but at $25 for a box of paper at Grand & Toy, this “green initiative” will not only increase my efficiency in the short term, but it will also save me money in the long run


Michael Allemano
Recruitment Consultant


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