Aug 24 2016

You probably reach customers at all different sorts of levels. Maybe some have subscribed to your email sends. Others may read a blog, or connect with you via various social media platforms. You probably think that by reaching them through various methods you’re probably reaching everyone you need to—but that’s not the case.


You must understand the characteristics of your customers based on what age group they are, too, and what characteristics are inherent to their date of birth.


Start with the parents of Baby Boomers, which comprise about 10 percent of the population. They require patience and single-image contacts. Baby Boomers themselves are a bigger percentage of customers—about 30 percent. They need individualized contact that’s often face to face. Their children are about the same percentage of the population, but focus more on honesty as well as online and offline marketing. The youngest generations, fewer in number than Baby Boomers, focus a lot of their efforts online which requires you to be diligent and creative.


What can you learn from each individual population’s characteristics? How to better tune your sales so that you reach more people where they’re talking. Find out how with this engaging graphic.   

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