Oct 16 2017

By Abby Quillen, 

If you feel stress at work, you probably blame it on a host of factors. Maybe it’s deadlines, maybe it’s co-workers. Perhaps money is tight or you’re in the middle of an expansion. But do ever think that part of your workday stress may be from your office’s layout?

               In fact, cubicles and open-plan office workers both experience stress related to the design of their work spaces. That stress may be because they can’t make a phone call in private, or they lack adequate square footage to work. The lighting may bug them, or the colors may be maddening.

               But unlike some things about work that can’t be controlled, the office space can be modified or adjusted in order to help employees improve their performance. Even just attention to more ergonomic work stations may be critical to improving how people feel about the day to day. Use this graphic for more ideas.

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