Aug 29 2012

It’s no secret that working with a headhunter or recruiter can be an effective way to advance your career.   Headhunters often have access to jobs that are not advertised elsewhere and can speed up the hiring process between an employer and potential candidate. The trick, however, is understanding how a headhunter operates. View Details

Aug 28 2012

It could be out with old meeting rooms and in with new social spaces, as Generation Y is set to transform the way we work in the next 10 years.   In the U. S. , those born between 1979 and 1997 are predicted to make up the largest part of the workforce within a decade and with it change offices and the nature of work itself. View Details

Aug 27 2012

Women are encouraged these days, more than ever, to speak up and ask for a raise—and that’s a good thing.   But, it is possible to jump the gun. Even when you know you’re performing your responsibilities well beyond the job description, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to march over to your manager’s desk for a little chat. View Details

Aug 24 2012

Thinking about using a potential employer’s job offer to get yourcurrent company to counter and pay you more money?   Stop right there.   Using another job offer as a bargaining chip may be tempting, but too often, it ends badly. If you want a raise, then negotiate it on your own merits—or prepare to move on.   1. Employers often make counteroffers in a moment of panic. View Details

Aug 23 2012

Why interview when you can Facebook stalk? A recent study suggests that employers can judge candidates’ future work performance by spending five to ten minutes lurking on their Facebook pages.   Some readers were outraged by this. “I truly wish employers would stop using Facebook as a professional tool,” commented one. “That was never its intention! … Does it give employers a potential view into people’s somewhat personal lives? Yes! View Details

Aug 22 2012

By Elizabeth Lowman  “Why did you leave your last job? ” The question can strike fear in even the most confident candidate. Whether your answer is simple or complex, being asked to talk about it puts you on the spot, and it can be tricky to balance the truth while still painting yourself in the best possible light to your hopefully-soon-to-be employer.   But, it doesn’t have to be as painful as you might think. View Details

Aug 21 2012

A sales meeting is no time to talk about the weather. Check out the smart way to break the ice…and close the deal.   You’ve just walked into the office of hot prospect for your first face-to-face sales call. You shake hands and you both sit down. View Details

Aug 17 2012

Findings from a new study out of Brigham Young University, the Health Enhancement Research Organization, and the Center for Health Research at Healthways, has found that unhealthy lifestyle choices often result in high levels of lost production at work.   The study concluded that employees with unhealthy diets were two-thirds more likely to experience a loss in productivity than those eating a highly nutritious diet. View Details

Aug 15 2012

This blog often sympathises with the time poor smaller business operator. If it isn’t enough to be on top of staff, finance, marketing, operations and the economy, the rapid pace of technological change means that the notion of ‘spare time’ is a distant memory.   But if you can keep on top of technological change, there is an extremely useful payoff. View Details

Aug 15 2012

If you’ve watched television in the past week, there is a good chance that you have run acrossEducation Nation, which is a very important summit and debate about our educational system in the US. Education policy of course touches upon every aspect of life: from parental involvement, economic policy, and proper nutrition to teacher wages, testing, and standards.   Working on Recruiter. com, I am pretty far removed from anything having to do with education. View Details

Aug 14 2012

People often wonder why they never hear anything back after they hit ‘send’ on the email with a resume attached or on the on-line job application. If you’re very lucky, you might have a preliminary email exchange with a recruiter and then never hear from them again.   It’s a depressing experience, and one which also casts a shadow on the hiring company’s reputation. So why does it happen? View Details

Aug 13 2012

Many salespeople, especially those new to sales, often take it personally when a prospect says “no” and fail to persist with their prospecting efforts, while others turn prospecting into stalking, not knowing how to engage a prospect effectively.   Either way these people are failing to favourably and persistently position themselves with prospects thus limiting their sales opportunities even further.   In sales, there is a fine line between persistence and stalking a prospect. View Details

Aug 9 2012

Everybody knows that mobile use has absolutely exploded. But how has it exactly impacted the professional workplace? HireVue, a leader in the digital, live interviewing space, recently studied mobile trends in the workplace and came up with this fancy infographic.   Some of the most interesting stats? 91% of mobile workers use a smartphone for work and most now think that the traditional office is entirely unnecessary to be productive. View Details

Aug 8 2012

Social media has undoubtedly helped countless students and professionals build and advance their online presence, and in some cases, helped them secure new career opportunities.   The keyword here is helped. Social media did not get them their jobs; it only helped them get their jobs. View Details

Aug 7 2012

Over the years I’ve held thousands of sales meetings, selling both tangible and intangible products—and I’ve learned that there are some basic fundamentals that make a difference no matter what your offering is.   As the CEO of a growing business, you’ll often find yourself in the role of “salesperson-in-chief. ” Keep these simple things in mind to make those first sales meetings a success.   1. View Details

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