Jun 10 2016

By Julie Rusciolelli, I hire one to two interns a year with the expectation that this intern could eventually end up a MAVERICK full time. In fact, I've offered full-time employment to almost 80 per cent of those who have interned at my firm. That's a great stat, one I am very proud of. I wish I could hire more interns, as it has been a proven and effective way to find young, energetic talent, without huge commitments. View Details

Jun 9 2016

By Kazim Ladimeji, Talent shortages get a lot of press these days, but we should not forget that, despite all the talk about dwindling numbers of candidates, there are still plenty of job seekers out there who find it hard to get interviews. It’s well documented that unemployed applicants find it much harder to get jobs than their employed counterparts do. View Details

Jun 8 2016

By Lina Duque,  When I decided to start my own social media consulting business three years ago, I felt like I was jumping off a cliff; I could soar, or fall flat on my face. Could I pull it off? What if I didn't get enough business? What would people think? I was terrified. Going from full-time employee to entrepreneur was risky, but the upside was that I was doing what I loved. 1. View Details

Jun 7 2016

By Larry Myler, Business development is all about persuasion. But those who begin relationships by trying to persuade are missing the point. Better to begin relationships by establishing them. Here are four ways to do it. Give value before your get value. The classic book Influence (Harper Business revised edition, 2006) by Robert Cialdini, reveals something powerful about giving. It creates a sense of obligation, or reciprocation, that can drive the receiver to respond in like manner. View Details

Jun 3 2016

By Ralph Levy and Darlene Marsh,  Every professional should be well versed in how to negotiate. Whether you’re a junior employee making a case for a promotion, an HR professional selecting company insurance benefits, or a top executive brokering new deals, these skills will come in handy. However, few professionals have any formal education on negotiation, and strategies vary depending on circumstances. View Details

May 30 2016

By Christie Mims, “Get out and network more. ” “Just talk to more people! ” “Why not ask someone for help, maybe in your network? ” Have you ever heard any of the above when you are talking about networking? Doesn’t it make you want to stab the person who said it in the eye? Yeah. Me too. View Details

May 27 2016

By Dr. Travis Bradberry,  There are so many things that can kill the careers of good, hard-working people. Honest mistakes often carry hard-hitting consequences. We usually only hear about the more egregious examples, such as when Yelp employee Talia Jane became an Internet sensation for writing a blistering post criticizing the company’s low pay and its CEO. To no one’s surprise, she quickly found herself out of a job. View Details

May 26 2016

By Preston D Lee, I get that it’s possible to make good money without ever dealing with clients. But still, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess: you work with clients on an almost-daily basis. And, let’s be honest, clients can be intimidating. Especially at first. Because, as a creative entrepreneur, you may not feel like a natural salesman, negotiator, or closer. You’re an artist. View Details

May 25 2016

By Deepak Malhotra, It’s one thing to lose a deal because you were playing hardball. It’s an entirely different — and more frustrating — situation when the other side is rejecting even your reasonable offers. When genuine attempts at negotiating in good faith are failing, you need a new approach — but it doesn’t mean you have to get aggressive. View Details

May 25 2016

By Peggy McKee, Here Are 4 Questions You May Be Asked About A Past Boss Along With Great Answers. 1. Have you ever had difficulty working with a supervisor or manager? We all know that we should never answer an interview question negatively, but what do you do when a question practically demands a negative answer? Don’t be negative. It says more about your attitude than it will about your former boss. View Details

May 24 2016

By Bruce Kasanoff, If you manage other people, the first thing you need to understand is that your success depends on their success. The more you empower your employees, the more they will grow and thrive. Here's how to get started. . . Give employees generous boundaries.  Contrary to conventional wisdom, boundaries don’t restrict team members; they empower them. Define the boundaries within which an employee can make his or her own decisions. View Details

May 24 2016

By Brad Smith, When I speak with employees or students, I often get asked, “how do I make the right career choice? ” My first response is always to lighten the mood by answering with a joke I once heard – “why do adults ask younger people what they want to be when they grow up? Because we are still looking for a good answer ourselves! View Details

May 20 2016

By Erin Sherbert You’re an entrepreneur on your way to establishing a successful small business. You’ve made enough money to keep the lights on and start taking one day a week off. Good job. Now it’s time to grow. What you need more than anything to start scaling your company is to retain your top talent. But how are you going to cobble together stellar benefit packages that will compete with larger companies? View Details

May 20 2016

By Melody J. Wilding, We’ve all faced days at the office where we’re just not feeling motivated. Off days happen to everyone and it’s tough—if not unrealistic—to constantly do your best work. There are bound to be times when you procrastinate too much, lack focus, or struggle to start important projects. You may react by getting down on yourself, wondering where your determination has gone. View Details

May 19 2016

By Elizabeth Lions,  When it comes time to write an introductory cover letter, job seekers often find themselves staring woefully at blank computer screens and wondering how to boil down all their career experiences into a few meaningful sentences. View Details

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