Mar 8 2016

By Kazim Ladimeji, There can be some benefits to letting your boss know that you are looking for another job – for example, they might offer you a raise in an attempt to keep you around. But being open about your job search can also backfire, because being seen as a flight-risk may have a negative effect on your reputation. You might be seen as disloyal, less trustworthy, and less reliable. View Details

Mar 7 2016

By Recruiter Q&A,  Today’s Question: Job fairs can be kind of odd, can’t they? The purpose of this piece is to help job seekers navigate the strangeness and get the most out of job fairs. Share your best job fair tips for job seekers!   1. View Details

Feb 2 2016

By Kim Eisenberg, Congratulations, you’ve scored the interview! But now what? You’re going to do your homework to research the company, practice your elevator pitch, and pick up your suit from the dry cleaner’s… Exactly like your competition. Getting an interview is a huge hurdle to clear, and a wonderful sign that you’re on the right track with your job search efforts. View Details

Feb 2 2016

By Aaron Ramsey, For many people, finding work when you’re unemployed can be incredibly difficult. Sometimes, it even becomes so difficult that unemployed job seekers give up all hope and quit the job search altogether. If you recognize that feeling – if you’ve been on the hunt for a new job for a long time without any success – then it may be time to look inward. View Details

Feb 1 2016

By Peggy McKee, What’s one of the biggest mistakes job seekers make when sending thank you notes after the interview (besides not sending one at all)? It’s not using this opportunity for the job-winning advantage that it is. Job seekers who send generic notes that say, ‘Thank you so much for meeting with me. View Details

Dec 15 2015

By George Lorenzo, Climbing the career ladder doesn't happen though hard work alone. But the skills it takes to reach the C-suite might not always be that clear. Krisi Rossi O’Donnell, chief recruiting officer for the staffing and recruiting firm LaSalle Network, has cracked the code. She started at LaSalle 11 years ago as a temporary office assistant and has been promoted 10 times. View Details

Dec 9 2015

By Eileen Hoenigman Meyer, Scoring a job interview is super exciting–like catching a fish. It confirms that your bait is tantalizing and the fish are biting. It’s hard to restrain yourself from getting geeked up on the adrenalin rush–your life could change drastically, and soon. View Details

Nov 24 2015

By Sarah Greesonbach, There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction that comes with working hard on your resume andgetting the interview. But once you’re pencilled in on the hiring manager’s calendar, it’s time to start preparing for the ultimate interview question: “What are your salary requirements. ” There are a number of difficulties that come with discussing salary. First, many groups of people find it hard to talk about money. View Details

Nov 19 2015

By Kazim Ladimeji, Generally speaking, candidates are far more nervous about interviews than their interviewers are. After all, the interviewer hold’s the candidate’s future in the palm of their hands. As a result, the fight or flight reflex kicks in — but because we can’t run or fight, we often just freeze up. View Details

Nov 13 2015

By Neo Mammalian Studios, If you have taken on an internship and absolutely love it, it is very likely you want to turn that experience into a full-time job. You’re probably asking,“But how can I do it? ” Well, the answer might be long, but is actually quite simple. Sometimes, giving your best is not enough. View Details

Nov 11 2015

By Sophie Deering, Even if you’ve absolutely nailed your job interview, you could rule yourself out of the running if you fail to follow up with your interviewer afterwards. View Details

Nov 9 2015

By Ariella Coombs, Sometimes there just isn’t enough coffee in the world to wake us up in the morning – But how do you make sure you’re getting good, quality Z’s at night?  Here are five healthy habits to help you sleep: 1. Give Your Gadgets A Rest Always tired? Perhaps your favorite gadget is to blame. View Details

Nov 2 2015

By Florence Mendoza, Everyone who’s ever applied for a job has faced rejection. In fact, those of us with a job have heard ‘no’ many more times than ‘yes’. View Details

Oct 29 2015

By Richard May, Before we go any further, it’s worth emphasizing that if you’ve been actively searching for a job for six months and have no offers, you’re definitely not alone. (And despite what your friends and family say, you’re not being “too picky. ”) We’ve all been there, myself included. In fact, this entire article’s inspired by own very long job search. View Details

Sep 22 2015

By Kazim Ladimeji, Generally, getting a promotion is great.  You’ll face new challenges, gain a better status and, of course, make more money. But it’s no all sunshine — especially when you end up in charge of your teammates who were, up until yesterday, on equal footing with you. This situation can create feelings of jealousy, awkwardness, and even resentment among some team members. View Details

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