May 17 2016

By Angela McDonald, So you decided to check out alternative jobs. After secretly perusing career websites, you landed on a company that willing to offer you better compensation and benefits. However, as soon as you open up to your boss about your plan of quitting, he offers you a raise. Do you take the counter offer or not? View Details

May 16 2016

By Don Goodman, 20 seconds. That’s the average amount of time that an employer will spend scanning your resume. The phrase “less is more” has often been used for design purposes, but it can apply just as well to your resume. The point is to keep only information on your resume that is clear, simple and that supports your brand/message. View Details

May 16 2016

 By Ngan Pham,  We’ve all seen that candidate who just wasn’t ready for the interview. Their laptop broke down the night before, or the bus was late, or something else happened so that the interview just didn’t go the way they had planned. Should your first impression of such an unfortunate candidate decide their fate? View Details

May 13 2016

By Peggy McKee, If you are interviewing for a sales job, but you know you are going up against candidates who have more experience than you, what can you do? How can you convince that hiring manager to take a chance on you? Here are five things you can say in the interview that will help you. View Details

May 5 2016

By Rob Fee, Working from home may sound like a dream, and it definitely has its perks, but if you’re not careful you can slowly go insane from it. As many advantages as it has, there are things you never considered that can end up eating away at your soul. Here are 13 almost daily struggles you probably never experienced unless you worked from home. 1. View Details

Apr 28 2016

By Mark Magnacca, Modern sales professionals require a much different skill set in order to be successful in today’s tech-driven world. Sales requires researching, listening, strategic thinking, as well as strong communicating – often referred to as “consultative sales. ” Salespeople are no longer simply order takers, as they are required to provide detailed knowledge and insight about a product or service as it relates to the customer’s business. View Details

Mar 17 2016

By Nicholas Little, Who are the superstar salespeople you admire? Is it David Ogilvy, who literally wrote the manual on selling, or Dale Carnegie, who convinced you it was possible to win friends and influence people? Whoever your sales icons are, they weren’t born overnight. It took years of fine-tuning their skills to become the amazing salespeople they are. View Details

Mar 10 2016

By Adam Honig, Making a lot of money in sales isn’t easy. If it was then everyone would be doing it. Not everyone can handle the pressures of the job, and many of those who give it a shot end up quickly leaving with their tail between their legs. So why do some people thrive in sales jobs while others go down in flames? Here are the ten main reasons why some salespeople fail: 1. View Details

Mar 9 2016

By Adam Honig, My former boss was an MIT professor at one time and always reminded us of it – he even insisted that we had lunch at the MIT faculty club. Even though I thought he was a bit ridiculous, it taught me an important lesson about the influence of authority. View Details

Feb 11 2016

By Ago Cluytens, Generating new leads, closing new business and increasing new revenue is consistently high on many sales executives’ agenda. Many calls I get are focused on one thing: signing on new clients.  New clients are the lifeblood of any organisation, so the thinking goes. Or are they ? There’s a huge amount of evidence that – in reality – most organisations would be far better of by focusing on serving their existing clients better. View Details

Dec 14 2015

By Carlos Torres, Life can be hard at times if you’re a sales rep. Working to meet quota can be a challenge every month at times for a variety of reasons – you’re getting zero responses to your emails, no one picks up your phone calls, you don’t have a reliable contact at the organization, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, not everything can be perfect when pursuing new sales opportunities. View Details

Dec 11 2015

By Ago Cluytens, The power to increase sales wins is one of the most important levers for sales success. One of the major questions I get from corporate clients is: “how can we increase sales wins, and reduce our loss rate ? ”. View Details

Dec 2 2015

By Vidya Drego, Sales managers play a crucial role in the success of any company with a sales force. Good sales managers can get great results from their teams and keep both management and employees happy. Bad sales managers can hurt morale, sending salespeople scrambling for the exits which in turn affects the bottom line. View Details

Nov 26 2015

By Murad Hemmadi, he traditional list of desirable vocations has expanded in recent years, as parents begin to recognize that it’s possible to make good money doing jobs today that didn’t exist when they were growing up. But while ‘doctor,’ ‘lawyer’ and ‘engineer’ have been joined by ‘entrepreneur’ and even ‘YouTube celebrity,’ one historically high-achieving and well-paid career remains conspicuously absent: salesperson. View Details

Nov 25 2015

By Garrett Hollander, You may be selling a tech solution, advertising, accounting solutions, whatever. But what are you REALLY selling? All too often, those of us in B2B sales overcomplicate our value proposition, working in too much marketing jargon and hype. But when you think about it, there are only three real drivers that a B2B buyer looks for in a B2B solution (whether consciously or subconsciously). View Details

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