Jun 9 2015

By Mark Hunter, Selling a price increase fails more often that it succeeds but that doesn’t have to be that way. The number one thing on your list is to communicate the news to your customers and make sure there are no issues with the price increase. Below are 11 tips that will help you succeed in selling a price increase to your customers: 1. View Details

Jun 1 2015

By Tony J Hughes, In the hiring game, younger is usually cheaper but not necessarily better. Millennials and Gen-Y are renowned for being in a role for just weeks and wondering why their manager has failed to recognize their talent and not promoted them. Wisdom requires age and has it's benefits especially in roles where buyers seek trusted advice to manage their purchasing risk and avoid implementation mistakes. View Details

May 26 2015

By Young Entrepreneur Council, No one likes to open up their calendar to find their day booked solid with back-to-back meetings. These 11 hacks could lighten your load. From weekly all-company meetings to daily check-ins with your team members, scheduled meetings can easily overwhelm any entrepreneur's schedule. At worst, they can become unproductive time-wasters for everyone at the team. Finding new ways to hold fewer more effective meetings is critical as your company grows. View Details

May 1 2015

By Garrett Hollander, When a B2B sales prospect says, “We are also considering ABC competitor,” what do you say? Sales Engine points out that it’s easy to fall into a couple of traps:   The trap of saying nothing – “I’ve seen salespeople say nothing (or next to nothing… something like; ‘Oh. Okay. I understand. ’). View Details

Apr 30 2015

By Matthew Kosinski, 1. Make Sure Your Team Has Access to the Most Modern Tools Millennials have grown up with technology. As Recruiter. com contributor Rony Zarom notes, millennials fall under the umbrella of “Generation Connected,” or Gen. C, thanks to their strong relationships with digital devices. It should come as no surprise, then, that millennials want tools that will help them “work smarter,” in Krantz’s words. View Details

Apr 29 2015

By Richard April, Of the numerous strategies for sales staff development, coaching can be one of the most fruitful. To get the best read on the challenges field reps face and offer constructive criticism, many managers “ride along” with their reps during a typical day in the field. To help ensure your ride alongs are successful, here is some valuable advice from sales veterans on how to make the most of these coaching events. View Details

Apr 23 2015

By Casey Fleischmann, You have been told you need to give a presentation at work in front of 100 people.  Immediately, you start thinking of what could go wrong. Forgetting your lines, not knowing how to stand and the thought of freezing.  Do not fear! Public speaking can be done well and can also be something you look forward to if you know how to do it correctly. View Details

Apr 17 2015

By Sophie Deering, Networking events are one of the best ways to create professional contacts and meet like minded people. They can have endless benefits for your career as you never know how the individuals you meet may be able to assist you in the future, so you want to make the most of the opportunities. View Details

Apr 16 2015

By Leslie Ye, Go to any grocery store and walk to the condiment aisle. You’ll see dozens of varieties of mustard -- Dijon, honey, whole grain, yellow, spicy, brown -- but probably fewer than five types of ketchup from a small handful of brands. Of those brands, one reigns supreme: Heinz, boasting a number one or two market share position in over 50 countries. View Details

Apr 10 2015

By Emma Snider, If you're not good on the phone, you're going to have a rough time in sales. Even outside sales reps spend a considerable amount of time on the phone with their prospects. Learning how to grab and hold someone's attention without physically being in their presence is a skill salespeople in every industry must develop and perfect. View Details

Mar 30 2015

By Emma Snider, You've quoted a price and sent over the contract. All that's left for the prospect to do is sign, and the deal is done. You're riding a high during your prospecting calls and follow ups. But then . . . you get the dreaded email: "I'd like to talk about some of the details of this contract before I sign. View Details

Mar 18 2015

By Justin Proctor, Weak links in your sales team can derail your team's overall success. Weak links can be destructive in many ways, including poor results, missed appointments, missed deadlines, and lost momentum. If other members of your sales team have to pick up the slack from the weaker links, they burn out from being overly stressed, and this can have a devastating toll on your team. View Details

Mar 6 2015

By Alex Traynor, You want your sales people to strive for superiority. You want them to close deals, go after new business, and do virtually anything that needs to be done to bring in more money for your company. However, not all sales people are totally motivated from their first day to their last. That’s why companies come up with incentives for sales people. Incentives can boost morale, productivity, and motivation. View Details

Feb 26 2015

By Stuart Leung, Crafting a good sales pitch is not easy. That's because a sales pitch is no longer a “pitch” in the sense that you throw information at your customer as a baseball player would pitch a baseball at a batter. Nowadays, an effective sales pitch is a two-way street -- a conversation where you listen to the buyer, ask real questions, and offer them a solution to a challenge they’re experiencing. View Details

Feb 11 2015

By Deanna Hartley, Whether you call it multitasking, recharging or just good ol’ fashioned procrastinating, we’ve all been guilty of taking a minute here and there during the work day to refresh our Facebook feed, check the latest World Cup scores or run out to grab a cupcake. But which of these distractions cut into U. S. workers’ daily productivity the most? View Details

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