Apr 30 2015

By Matthew Kosinski, 1. Make Sure Your Team Has Access to the Most Modern Tools Millennials have grown up with technology. As Recruiter. com contributor Rony Zarom notes, millennials fall under the umbrella of “Generation Connected,” or Gen. C, thanks to their strong relationships with digital devices. It should come as no surprise, then, that millennials want tools that will help them “work smarter,” in Krantz’s words. View Details

Apr 29 2015

By Richard April, Of the numerous strategies for sales staff development, coaching can be one of the most fruitful. To get the best read on the challenges field reps face and offer constructive criticism, many managers “ride along” with their reps during a typical day in the field. To help ensure your ride alongs are successful, here is some valuable advice from sales veterans on how to make the most of these coaching events. View Details

Apr 28 2015

By Goldbeck Recruiting Inc. , For many entrepreneurs, hiring their first salesperson can be stressful. There are many risks involved when hiring your first sales person. So how and where do you start to find a good salesperson that fits your needs, without putting your reputation and investment at risk? Know What You Want You start by knowing what you want and how to get there, easier said than done. View Details

Apr 24 2015

By Kim Eisenberg, Think about the worst boss you ever had. Remember what it felt like to go to work every day, knowing you had to report to someone who didn’t value your contributions and didn’t respect you as a person. Now, think about the best boss you ever had. The person who was tough but fair, and who made you feel like your work mattered. View Details

Apr 21 2015

By Joyce Bethoney, As a recruiter, I speak so often to candidates about the importance of being clear about their personal brand statement. It is critical to know your strengths, the sweet spot of your skillset, and how to explain your background to a potential employer. Without this clarity, you may be overlooked in the screening process. I am also seeing companies that are not clear on what they want. View Details

Apr 20 2015

By Elliot Burdett, Most sales people like to talk. So do a lot of hiring managers, which is unfortunate when it comes to hiring sales people because assessing the abilities of a potential hire is difficult if they aren’t the ones doing the talking. View Details

Apr 15 2015

By Veer Gidwaney, Combat negative workplace behaviors and help your staff stay fuller and more focused with these healthy snacks. Like most workplaces, your office kitchen is a popular space. And it makes sense--eating small, frequent snacks revs up your metabolism and helps normalize blood sugar, allowing your staff to stay sharp and energized throughout the day. But when employees reach for the easy, unhealthy options, regular snacking can actually become a bane to productivity. View Details

Apr 9 2015

By Melissa Woodson, If you’re struggling to find time to keep fit or finding that fatigue strikes after lunch, a mid-day workout may be just what you need. Fitting in a workout, shower, and meal in your allotted break may sound like a lot, but it is possible. Also, the latest trend in fitness is toward shorter high-intensity workouts, which make it easier to get a serious burn going before getting back to the office. View Details

Apr 7 2015

By Kazim Ladimeji, Research from the Harvard Business Review found that a company’s success is not only dependent on the careful management of A and B performers: it also depends on how effectively C players (defined for our purposes as “the bottom 20 percent of performers”) are pruned.  Its clear that C players should shape up or ship out — that is, they need to be energized, re-energized, or fired. View Details

Apr 2 2015

By Chrissy Scivicque, I’m the first person to admit I’m a control freak. It’s not like I can hide it anyway. If you’ve known me for even a short period of time, chances are you’ve seen me in action. And no, I’m not proud.  Being a control freak isn’t a good thing. In fact, some might call it downright annoying. View Details

Mar 24 2015

By Kevin O'Leary, Over the years, I’ve worked for others and I’ve worked for myself. Through trial and error, I’ve figured out a few key character traits that helped hone my leadership skills. Directness, transparency, and decisiveness are three essential traits of a good boss. It’s also important to remember the rules outlined below. 1. Employees are not your friends. View Details

Mar 23 2015

By Rachel Weeks, I’ve seen many articles and posts over the years with tips on how to resign from a position gracefully and professionally, without burning bridges or leaving on a sour note. View Details

Mar 20 2015

By Sophie Deering, To get the most out of your employees, you must keep them engaged at work. The question this poses however, is how can you achieve this? Employee recognition schemes are becoming increasingly popular in businesses and by making your staff feel more valued it can drive a significant improvement in their commitment and performance in the company. View Details

Mar 18 2015

By Justin Proctor, Weak links in your sales team can derail your team's overall success. Weak links can be destructive in many ways, including poor results, missed appointments, missed deadlines, and lost momentum. If other members of your sales team have to pick up the slack from the weaker links, they burn out from being overly stressed, and this can have a devastating toll on your team. View Details

Mar 10 2015

By Eric Pratt, Hiring good people is difficult, time consuming, and costly. If you're in a constant cycle of hiring like most growing organizations, I don't have to tell you about the time warp it can cause-- but what about the cost? The more interviews you do, the more you spend. The more of your time that's absorbed in lengthy interviews the more likely you are to take shortcuts and make mistakes. According to Dr. View Details

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