Sep 25 2014

By James Bird Guess,  In today’s workplace of constant change it’s critical that managers and leaders understand the various types of employees in order to cultivate an environment that inspires them to perform their best. While personality style training like DISC, True Colors, and Meyers Briggs can offer insight into how employees will act and behave typically in the workplace, understanding why and how their actions impact performance is essential to increasing their engagement. View Details

Sep 22 2014

By Jeff Haden,  In the best job interviews the candidate says a lot and the interviewer very little – after all, the interview is about the candidate, not the interviewer.   But there are some things interviewers would love to tell job candidates well before the interview starts.   1. “I really want you to be likeable. ”  Obvious? Sure, but also critical. View Details

Sep 17 2014

By Jorgen Sundberg,  The past 40 years have seen a lot of changes to the American lifestyle, including the way we work. People are sitting more, getting less exercise, engaging with computers on a daily basis, and finding new ways to get stressed out.   So how has this shift in the way we work affected Americans? View Details

Sep 5 2014

By Eliot Burdett,  We hear this story a lot.   I recently hired a new sales person. During the interview process they seemed like a great hunter. They pursued me during the hiring process and actively closed me during our final interview. Now that the rep is on-board, it seems they won’t pick up the phone to save their life.   Few products sell themselves. View Details

Jul 30 2014

By Eliot Burdett,  Sales people sell. Sometimes they sell themselves best of all. Resumes are not the only way to measure the value of a salesperson and arguably not even the best way. View Details

Jul 29 2014

By Eliot Burdett,  A common misconception is that the best place to look for great sales managers is in the ranks of great salespeople. That’s not necessarily true. Here are 8 Ways to Hire Better Sales Managers.   1. Management Skill – A great salesperson can sometimes become a great sales manager, but it’s not always the case. View Details

Jul 21 2014

By Joshua Turner,  Any professional who works in an office or uses a computer in their career today likely finds themselves sitting at a desk on a daily basis. While sitting at a desk for extended periods might be necessary, a sedentary job may have an impact on health.   Research has found that sitting all day can have some serious negative effects on even the healthiest employees. View Details

Jun 30 2014

By Tori Whitley,  Checking the project’s progress every hour. Nitpicking the font of an email. Constant monitoring to ensure that your workers are, in fact, working (despite the fact that they are constantly producing results). You know what has happened, don’t you? You’ve become a micromanager.   As much as I hate being micromanaged, I understand the tendency. View Details

Jun 16 2014

By Cece Bazar,  Dear sales managers,  It’s time to face the music. Your business development reps (BDRs) / sales reps may respect you, they may work hard for you, but they also likely have a couple questions for you that they are never going to verbalize. These are your ‘blind spots’, and trust me — you do have them. View Details

Jun 12 2014

By Liane Davey,  Managing people is never easy, but when the animosity between two of your direct reports escalates to the level of hatred, how do you minimize the drama and keep your team on track?   Before you call for a professional mediator, remember that this is a fundamental part of your job as a manager. If you can get to the root of your employees’ fear, you can help them rebuild their relationship. View Details

Jun 10 2014

By Kazim Ladimeji,   Hiring and on-boarding a new sales person is one of the most crucial events in the HR calendar. A news sales person represents dynamism, energy, sales growth, commercial stability, bigger profits and bigger bonuses.   And the last thing you want to happen is for that sales person to crash out of the business after a few weeks or months into the job. View Details

May 13 2014

By Dawn Rasmussen, Undoubtedly, most of us have gone through some kind of transition with our supervisors. Perhaps the person was recruited away to another company or maybe there was a merger and they got reassigned to another department. Whatever the reason, something important has been lost. When your boss leaves, they take with them that person’s knowledge of your contributions, skills, knowledge, and expertise. And, a new boss means a completely blank slate. View Details

May 6 2014

Question: What’s the RIGHT way to fire someone? Be prepared and concise “Firing someone is never easy, but you have to be prepared with what you’re going to say and not waver from that position. It’s unfortunate that, as an employer, you have to be wary about potential litigation when firing someone. That’s why it’s best to just keep it short and professional. View Details

Apr 30 2014

By Mark Hunter,  Just because somebody wants to negotiate a deal with you doesn’t mean you should.   Too much time is wasted negotiating with people you shouldn’t negotiate with.   Yes, the challenge is to be able to identify these people, and that’s what I’m providing you with here. View Details

Apr 23 2014

By Garrett Hollander,  Slumping Inside Sales Reps can be extremely depressing. They lament their bad luck, start to adopt a bad mindset, and performance suffers further. B2B inside sales is a mental game and the last thing you want is for your sales reps to get stuck in a vortex of negativity. It’s the responsibility of a savvy sales manager to help them get over the hump. View Details

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